I love to paint—it has always been an important part of my life. My mother was a still life painter and I grew up watching her work and seeing the joy she got from painting. I studied art in college, where I experimented with the popular trends of the day, and then I spent several decades working as a graphic designer. Throughout my artistic journey, I have always been drawn to the still life genre.

In my studio, I have the opportunity to compose an arrangement of items which interests me. Some people may find these items rather commonplace or ordinary, but I like the challenge of looking at the familiar in a fresh way. This forces me to really study a subject, focusing on what’s important.

My musician husband and I now live in the woods of northern Wisconsin. We've tried to pare life down to what's important. I paint almost every day. I also make time to knit, ski, garden and dance. We try to be in tune with our natural surroundings, as we nurture family and friendships. It all gets back to appreciating the simple joys ... in my life and in my work.


• Butler University / John Herron School of Art
• University of Minnesota, BA
• Scottsdale Artists’ School Workshops
• Arrowhead Biennial 2006, Duluth, Minnesota
• Wisconsin Artists Biennial 2003 - Award winner
• Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN
• Scottsdale Artists’ School, Scottsdale, AZ
• Center for the Visual Arts, Wausau, WI
• Duluth Art Institute, Duluth, MN
• Tweed Museum, Univ. of Minnesota—Duluth, MN
• University Center Rochester, Rochester, MN
• Nielsen Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
• Cornucopia Art Center, Lanesboro, MN
• Saint Mary’s University, Winona, MN—
an exhibition of paintings by Sara and her mother
• Rochester Art Center, Rochester, MN
Lizzards Gallery, Duluth, MN
Cornucopia Art Center, Lanesboro, MN
Art Beat, Hayward, WI
Mulberry Street, Cable, WI
Firefly Trading Company, Cable, WI

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